2021 NECHE Interim Report

2021 NECHE Interim Report

UConn NECHE Midterm Review 2021_full report with appendices

NECHE response, December 2021 – please note that this letter demonstrates our currently accredited status. 



If you require a letter of accreditation, this will be requested from NECHE by our Accreditation Liaison Officer. Please email the Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sarah Croucher (sarah.croucher@uconn.edu) to request one of these letters.

These requests are usually at the level of programs, or a school or college, such as when seeking documentation for a programmatic accreditor. If you are an individual student looking for documentation, we recommend that you reach out to the relevant student-facing office (e.g., The Center for International Students and Scholars for visa-related documents) for support. For a generic document, our 2021 interim report response from NECHE, linked above, documents our status as a continually-accredited institution.

This is also listed on the U.S. Department of Education Database of Postsecondary Education and Programs