2006 NEASC Accreditation

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2006 NEASC Self-Study

2008 Reaccreditation Letter

2006 Self-Study Committees

Karla Fox, Chair (School of Business)

Chair: Richard Brown (History)
Kathleen Sanner (Student Health Services)
Ronald Schurin (Executive Assistant to the President)
Susan Spiggle (Marketing)

Chair: John deWolf (Civil Engineering)
Gary Lewicki (Enrollment Management)
Carl Maresh (Kinesiology)
Sam Miller (Student Affairs)
Suman Singha (Vice Provost for Academic Programs)
Lysa Teal (Budget)

Chair: Pam Bramble (Art, Torrington)
Phil Barry (Board of Trustees)
Kevin Fahey (Campus Activities)
Michelle Helmin (Law School)
Rebecca Myshrall (Human Resources)
Nancy Rodriguez (Nutritional Sciences)
Ron Schurin (Executive Assistant to the President)
Ex-Offico: Michael Ego (Associate Vice Provost, Stamford)
Joseph Comprone (Associate Vice Provost, Avery Point)
William Pizzuto (Interim AVP, Tri-Campus)

Chair: Bill Stwalley (Physics)
Arlene Albert (MCB)
Jack Clausen (Natural Resource Management)
Pouran Faghri (Allied Health)
Karla Fox (Special Assistant to the Provost)
Hedley Freake (Nutritional Science)
Jane Goldman (Family Studies)
Anne Hiskes (Associate Dean, CLAS & Philosophy)
Jim Henkel (Associate Vice Provost, Grad. School)
Len Jacobs (Board of Trustees)
George McManus (Marine Sciences)
Emilio Pagoulatos (Agriculture & Resource Economics)
Eric Soulsby (Undergrad. Edu. Assess.)
David Yalof (Political Science)
Ernie Zirakzadeh (Political Science)

Chair: Erling Smith (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Keith Barker (AVP & Director of the Institute for Teaching & Learning)
Kim Chambers (Instructional Resource Center)
Janice Clark (Business Dean’s Office)
Karla Fox (Special Assistant to the Provost)
Steve Jarvi (Director, ACES)
Suman Singha (Vice Provost for Academic Programs)
Linda Strausbaugh (Molecular & Cell Biology)
Robert Tilton (English)
Richard Watnick (Regional Campus – Stamford)
Cathleen Love (Multicultural Affairs)

Chair: Gerry Gianutsos (Pharmacy)
John Bennett (Mechanical Engineering)
Elizabeth Ciurylo (Undergraduate Student – ACES Senator)
Bruce Cohen (CPIA)
Lynne Goodstein (Associate Vice Provost, Honors Program)
Donna Korbel (Center for Students with Disabilities)
Gary Lewicki (Enrollment Management)
Dennis McGavran (Mathematics)
Sam Miller (Student Affairs)
Damon Williams (Multicultural Affairs)

Chair: Richard Langlois (Economics)
Keith Barker (AVP & Director of the Institute of Teaching & Learning)
Elaine David (UITS)
Deborah Stansbury Sunday (University Libraries)
Mike Vertefeuille (Information Technology Dept.-School of Business)

Chair: Cameron Faustman (Associate Dean, CANR)
Keith Barker (AVP & Director of the Institute For Teaching & Learning)
Paul Betts (Biology Central Services)
David Clokey (Executive Director-Office of Student Affairs)
Elaine David (UITS)
Sharon Davis (Director, Administrative Services, A&E Services)
Brad Wright (Sociology)

Chair: Rob Hoskin (Accounting)
Nancy Bull (University Senate Budget Comm. Chair, Associate Dean, CANR)
Cheryl Chiaputti (Auditing)
Dino Mattessich (Athletics)
Philip Mannheim (Physics)
Roxanne Roy (Budget)
Lysa Teal (Director of Budget)
David Vance (UCONN Foundation)
Dana Wilder (Assistant Vice Provost)

Co-Chair: Rachel Rubin (Internal Auditing & Ethics)
Co-Chair: Karen Grava (University Communications)
Gary Lewicki (Enrollment Management)
Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith (Registrar)
Scott Wetstone (Health Center)

Chair: Jack Clausen (Natural Resource Management)
Arlene Albert (MCB)
Kathryn Hegedus (Nursing)
Ilze Krisst (Research Foundation)
Mary Ann Lally (Human Resources)
Dana McGee (Diversity and Equity)
Rachel Rubin (Internal Audit, Compliance & Ethics)

Ex-Officio Members:
James Bourbeau (Graduate Student Senate)
Elizabeth Ciurylo (Undergraduate Student – ACES Senator)
Mary Casey Jacob (Health Center)
Pam Roelfs (Director, Office of Institutional Research)
Eric Soulsby (Undergraduate Education Assessment)
Mike Walker (Director, Audit, Compliance, & Ethics)
David Yalof (Assessment, Political Science)

2006 Re-Accreditation Time-Line

Spring semester, 2004 – get buy in for timelines

Fall semester, 2004 – plan of work developed and Steering Committee appointed;
make pertinent housing and food reservations

Fall semester, 2004 – Steering Committee appointed.
Make reservations for hotel & banquet

Spring, 2005 – Committees membership completed and committees working

Summer, 2005 – NEASC Reaccreditation UConn website created

Fall, 2005 – Committees working

Spring Break (March), 2006 – Committee reports done and submitted to Steering Committee

Spring semester, 2006 – write report and get administration buy-in;
Get campus input; firm up all visitation logistical plans (meals, meeting room reservations, transportation, etc.)

Summer, 2006 – report finished and submitted to constituencies for final review

Early Fall, 2006 – report put on NEASC Accreditation Website for comment

Late Fall, 2006 – report reproduced and submitted to NEASC;
plans for NEASC site visit logistics completed; final self study document available to community

January 28-31, 2007 – NEASC campus site visit

February 2007 – visitation team submits report

March, 2007 – UConn response to visitation team report

April, 2007 – the NEASC CIHE Commission makes the re-accreditation decision

2007 Re-Accreditation Site Visitation

The NEASC Re-Accreditation Site Visit took place January 28th – 31st.

Visitation Team Itinerary (PDF)

2007 NEASC Visitation Team

Mr. Mark A. Nordenberg
University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Neal E. Armstrong
Vice Provost Faculty Affairs/Professor Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Jamshed Bharucha
Provost and Senior Vice President
Tufts University

Dr. Michael Gargano
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Mr. Stephen W. Lenhardt
Vice President for Management and Fiscal Affairs and University Treasurer
University of Massachusetts

Dr. Claudia J. Morner
Dean of the University Library
University of New Hampshire

Dr. Lynn C. Pasquerella
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
University of Rhode Island

Dr. Mark L. Putnam
Chief Planning Officer
Northeastern University

Dr. Jill M. Tarule
Associate Provost, Faculty & Academic Affairs
University of Vermont

Dr. Lynn E. Williford
Asst. Provost Institutional Research & Assessment
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Dr. Jonas Zdanys
Associate Commissioner for Academic Affairs
State of Connecticut, Department of Higher Education

Professor Aristofanes (Aris) Cedeno
ACE Fellow
University of Pittsburgh

Ms. Shannon Kendall Hukriede, JD
Assistant to the Provost
University of Pittsburgh